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Nuvance Health Virtual Library: Knowledge Resources

You need the are the resources

Research Request

Need research on a particular topic?  Fill out this form.


Document Delivery

Need an article?  Cut & paste citation into an email and send it to vbmclibrary.  I will obtain it for you and send it back as a PDF attachment.

Need more than one article?  E-mail a copy of the bibliography or citation list, and I will obtain the articles for you.  Please provide an e-mail address. 

If searching using PubMed, use the clipboard feature to save citations and send the list to vbmclibrary

VBMC Onsite Support

-- Photocopying

-- Scanning

-- Convert to PDF

-- Access to computers for staff with Windows sign-on

-- Access to a guest computer (internet only)

-- Links to dimensions and Talent Management learning modules

Library Office Hours

 Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM

NDH Onsite Support

Local Contact:
Aleta Jaen in HIM
Send e-mail

PHC Onsite Support

Local Contact:
Carrie Frattura 
Send e-mail
845.279.5711 x2193

Copyright Tips

  • If you publish an article, the publisher retains the copyright. Or,  you sign an exclusion agreement to retain the copyright.

  • If you publish a book, you retain the copyright for however long you live plus 70 years.

  • If you publish an essay on a website, it cannot be re-published as an article.  Any written work made public is automatically considered published and is covered by copyright law.

  • Blog postings are not copyrighted.

  • Work-generated e-mail messages are copyrighted (owned by the company), discoverable, and admissible in court..and they are NOT private!

  • Links to other websites from your website are ok, taking content from another website to put on your website is NOT ok.

  • Make every effort to obtain permission in writing from the originator of the work when quoting from or posting information on their work.

  • Since 1989, copyright is assumed for any work and cannot be infringed upon; copyright can always be applied for even after the work has already been made public.

  • Libraries can provide you with an electronic version of an article (PDF) privately for personal use, period.  We cannot distribute copies of an article.

  • Put quoted items in quotation marks or use italic font, otherwise it's plagiarism.

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