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HQ Virtual Library: Knowledge Resources

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Document Delivery

Need an article?  Cut & paste citation into an email and send it to vbmclibrary.  I will obtain it for you and send it back as a PDF attachment.

Need more than one article?  E-mail a copy of the bibliography or citation list, and I will obtain the articles for you.  Please provide an e-mail address. 

If searching using PubMed, use the clipboard feature to save citations and send the list to vbmclibrary

Copyright Tips

  • If you publish an article, the publisher retains the copyright. Or,  you sign an exclusion agreement to retain the copyright.

  • If you publish a book, you retain the copyright for however long you live plus 70 years.

  • If you publish an essay on a website, it cannot be re-published as an article.  Any written work made public is automatically considered published and is covered by copyright law.

  • Blog postings are not copyrighted.

  • Work-generated e-mail messages are copyrighted (owned by the company), discoverable, and admissible in court..and they are NOT private!

  • Links to other websites from your website are ok, taking content from another website to put on your website is NOT ok.

  • Make every effort to obtain permission in writing from the originator of the work when quoting from or posting information on their work.

  • Since 1989, copyright is assumed for any work and cannot be infringed upon; copyright can always be applied for even after the work has already been made public.

  • Libraries can provide you with an electronic version of an article (PDF) privately for personal use, period.  We cannot distribute copies of an article.

  • Put quoted items in quotation marks or use italic font, otherwise it's plagiarism.


Need a literature search, review, or answer to a clinical question?  Research request form


Loansome DocĀ®

 Loansome Doc is a free electronic article ordering service provided to all medical, nursing and Medical Center support staff, including direct affiliates within Health Quest. Click on PubMed through this site, click on Loansome Doc, and create your own account. Remember your login and use it each time to order articles through PubMed.

For those not affiliated with Health Quest, there is a $20 per article fee.  Contact the library for details.


BrowZine™ is now available at 
Vassar Brothers Medical Library

Browse thousands of journals on your tablet
View our top periodicals from your tablet!
is a browsable newsstand of the
library’s top journals. 
Easily discover, read, and
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your field.


VBMC Onsite Support

-- Photocopying

-- Scanning

-- Convert to PDF

-- Access to computers for staff with Windows sign-on

-- Access to a guest computer (internet only)

-- Links to dimensions and talent management (formerly HQLearn)

-- MS Office software - WORD, Excel, PowerPoint

Library Office Hours

 Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

NDH Onsite Support

Local Contact:
Aleta Jaen in HIM
Send e-mail

PHC Onsite Support

Local Contact:
Carrie Frattura 
Send e-mail
845.279.5711 x2193

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